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Amanda Riley

Hate has never won a single battle and that includes how you feel about your body. Don’t like the way you look-I challenge you to shift your way of thinking into complete gratitude for what is amazing about your body. Don’t know where to start-here’s one for you-the mere fact that your heart pumps blood all throughout your body every second of the day without you ever once telling it too is pretty incredible! Through personal training and group classes for men, women and children-I help my clients recognize their worth and I teach them how to love themselves. I shift the focus of exercise from “something I have to do” into “something I do to be healthy and strong.” I encourage people to find what they love about their body so they can transform the parts they want to change.

My signature class, Commit To Fit is a wellness program for men and women that meets multiple times throughout the week for 45 minute workouts that include resistance training, intervals and yoga. After 2 years of only offering this class in person, the virtual version was created and is now for anyone, anywhere!! Contact Amanda at 651-363-3918 to register!

Denise Wills

Denise Wills is an experienced, Healing Touch Practitioner and Holistic Wellness Coach. She is skilled at assisting others in discovering their inner wisdom to find healing and peace in many aspects of their life. By holding their healing space in a non-judgmental and loving way, she is able to witness them unfold into their authentic and true self. Denise has been a nurse for 25 years, and has worked with individuals all along the age and health spectrum. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from College of St. Catherine in 1990. She later became Certified in Healing Touch and is a Board Certified Holistic Nurse. She is currently working on Board Certification in Holistic Wellness Health Coaching.

In her personal life, Denise enjoys walks in nature, watching her family grow, eating clean, and fine wine and music with her husband of 20 years.

To schedule an appointment or for more information call 651-353-9309 or email

Jonelle Prow

Subtle Revolution Massage + Health is owned and operated by massage therapist and wellness coach Jonelle Prow. Jonelle is a licensed, Board Certified massage therapist who offers her talents in a way that is uniquely convenient for her clients: Studio Massage at her studio in Woodbury, In-Home Massage and Corporate or Event Massage.

All massage services are customized to your own specific needs. Some options include Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Relaxation Massage, Rehabilitative Massage, Reiki Energy Work, Aromatherapy, work with essential oils, hot towels and hot stone massage. Please discuss your specific needs at your appointment so you can have the best results possible. Schedule a massage service today with the convenience of online booking! or 520-247-6010

Barb Roberts

Barb was first introduced to the kettlebell in 2005. It was not until she experienced kettlebells with Ron Morris at one of his workshop in 2008 that she understood the full dynamics and benefits of the kettlebell. She showed up and it changed her life!

“You want to be healthier? You will be. You want to lose weight and inches? You will. You want to gain strength? You will. But you have to show up!”

Barb attests that the greatest part of her experience is discovering things about herself that she did not know or were hidden for many years. She gained knowledge and tools to find her strength, to be herself and release her true spirit. Through her journey with kettlebells she has uncovered the very strong and powerful woman within.

For more information visit email or call 651-261-9582


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