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Frequently Asked Questions

Blissful Balance strengthens the body and heals the mind through our ultimate fitness & wellness program, developed by Amanda Riley. We go beyond what normal fitness studios can provide because we combine both mental and physical approaches that are necessary to improve your entire health.

What is the Commit 2 Fit program?
Commit 2 Fit a complete fitness and wellness program that integrates a variety of healing and strengthening for the mind, body and spirit through a unique combination of yoga, hiit and resistance training. It was designed to tone the body, increase muscle mass, torch calories, provide a positive community, improve mental and physical confidence and to help build the essential skills to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

What is an infrared sauna?
An infrared sauna or as we like to call it the ‘Hot Box of Healing’ is an incredible tool for healing and relaxation. A conventional sauna heats up the air, causing one to sweat and therefore detox.

The only thing that an infrared sauna shares in common with a conventional sauna is that it is a wood box. An infrared sauna uses light waves (near, mid and far-each having their own benefit) to penetrate the cells for a variety of benefits-detoxification, relaxation, weight loss, pain relief, lower blood pressure, improved circulation, skin purification, wound healing, cell health, muscle recovery and increase immunity.

What times do you offer classes?
Here is our most current class schedule. We can also schedule personal training sessions outside our normal class hours. You can book your PT session by calling Amanda Riley at 651-399-4297 messaging us on Facebook or by sending an email to You can also join our online program to complete your workouts at your convenience (which is also included with our in-studio package). Just go to our registration page to get started.

Do you offer an online class?
Yes. We understand that many moms and dads are busy and constantly on the go. There are also many people who prefer to do their workouts in the comfort of their own home. That is why we also created the online Commit 2 Fit program. It is a private class and positive community – where we bring the whole experience from our in-studio class right to your mobile phone, tablet or computer and is available to you 24/7.

When can I use the meditation room?
The meditation room is open during our normal business hours and has a variety of packages available to fit all budgets. The BioMat is available by appointment only and is for one person at a time, but we have five other spaces available for self-meditation. This ocean inspired peaceful space will give you all you need for an incredible meditation, but if you would like to go deeper please bring your favorite meditation and headphones. The BioMat will be by appt. only, otherwise you can drop in at your convenience.

What is healing touch therapy?
Healing touch therapy helps balance, rejuvenate and restore our innate natural energy state, which gets depleted or imbalanced from to stress, illness, injury, grief or depression and from medical conditions. Healing touch creates an optimal environment that allows healing to occur. Gentle and/or over-head touches are performed near affected parts of the body in a very relaxed environment. This is a cost effective and all-natural approach to healing pain and distress. Call Denise Wills at 651-353-9309 or email to schedule your appointment today.

Whats the difference between Blissful Balance & Amanda Riley Wellness?
Blissful Balance is a fitness and wellness studio, which is part of the complete Amanda Riley Wellness program. The studio is home to our fitness floor, healing practitioners, infrared sauna and events. Amanda Riley Wellness integrates the whole Blueprint to Wellness plan, which incorporates natural and clean methods to improve your overall health – including essential oils, chemical-free and all-natural home essentials (air, water and laundry systems) and all-natural nutrition products. Visit the Amanda Riley’s website to learn more about what changes you can make to better your health outside the gym. We also offer a free consultation to start building your own personal Blueprint to Wellness. To get started email Amanda Riley at or call her at 651-399-4297.

Why is Blissful Balance so different than other fitness studios?
There is no other local fitness studio that offers a complete wellness program like Blissful Balance. By incorporating both fitness and wellness together into one program, you will begin to transform your body and mind together rather than just only focusing on your body. Our minds need exercise, de-stressing and to be nourished with consistent positive energy. Often our days are too busy and stressful, which drastically impacts our health. By incorporating exercise to the mind and body, you will feel the positive effects far beyond after the endorphins wear off from a normal workout.

At Blissful Balance, we like to show complete gratitude of our bodies and unveil its true capabilities. Emotional issues can inhibit success and can also be a reason why you can’t seem to reach your fitness and wellness goals. That’s why we want to help you migrate through that and clear it out. Pain is the body communicating. Our goal is to help teach you how to listen to your body when it sends important signals of imbalance. We also want you to have a body that you love looking at by showing it complete gratitude. You deserve better health and to become blissfully balanced – that’s our promise!

How much does it cost to join?
Here is our most current pricing. Classes start as low as $37/month. No annual dues. There is a one time registration fee for online classes only.

Will I have to change my current diet?
Absolutely not, but we will encourage you to build and maintain healthy eating habits that will help you hit your goals. Food is fuel for your body. We will work together to find foods that give your body the proper nutrients that it needs to work efficiently. We like to focus on the right combination of fats, proteins and carbohydrates that best energize the body, optimize wellness and allow your body to perform at its best capabilities.

How big are your classes?
Classes vary, but do not exceed 12 people. This size allows for us to make personal progressions or regressions for each client, which is very important to us at Blissful Balance. We want to personally guide and coach you through your wellness journey.

Do you offer personal training sessions?
Yes, personal training classes are offered between normal class hours. Call Amanda Riley, a certified personal trainer, at 651-399-4297 to book personal training sessions.

What do the children do during class?
We welcome children into our classes and offer a specific child-friendly class at 9:30 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays each week. We also welcome children into our 5:30 p.m. class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Children have freedom to play, snack, read or even join the workout. We also provide positive support to both the parent and the child to help them transition a new routine. Learning new skills is healthy for parents and baby! If either time doesn’t currently work for your schedule, no worries! We also offer our online class that you can do from the convenience of your own home. More in-studio classes can be added based on popular demand, so stay tuned!

How old do the children have to be to attend class?
Children between the ages of 6 weeks-11 years are welcome to join you during your workout for free. At the age of 12, children are $10/class. We do recommend that your child is able to hold their head up independently before bringing them to class. If they are unable to sit up yet or walk, we do offer a complimentary jumper. You are also more than welcome to use a baby carrier during your workout. We do not offer private childcare. We like to encourage your child to become part of the healthy experience! You may bring any necessary items from home to best support your experience. We also have some baby and kid friendly items for the children to enjoy.

What kind of community is at Blissful Balance?
We are a positive, supportive and life-changing community. We will become your tribe. We share stories, troubles, laughter, tears and everything in between all while getting an amazing workout.

Do I have to be a member to attend events at Blissful Balance?
Nope. You can join any one of our free or paid events at any time. Just choose which event you would like to attend by visiting our event registration page. You can also check out what events are around the corner by visiting the Blissful Balance or Amanda Riley Wellness Facebook page.

What do I bring to class?
YOU with a stellar attitude! Wear whatever you are comfortable in and be prepared to sweat! This is a no judgement zone and shoes are optional. We have hand towels and filtered water right on the fitness floor!

I have never worked out before. Will I be able to keep up?
Yep! All fitness levels are welcome. We will give you modifications as you build strength, flexibility and endurance.

What other services do you offer?
Blissful Balance offers services that compliment your whole mind and body health, which includes: fitness classes, self-guided meditation sessions & healing touch therapy, health/nutrition classes and massages.

Can I try out a class for free?
Yes. We offer a 1 FREE WEEK PASS to any person who wants to come check us out. Just drop in a class anytime. Our class schedule is located online or just give us a call Amanda Riley 651-399-4297 to learn more.

How do I register for a class?
To sign up for a class online or book an infrared sauna session, head to our homepage and click on the header buttons “Commit 2 Fit” or “Infrared Sauna.” We accept payments online, by phone or in-studio.

What kind of discounts do you offer?
Teachers and daycare workers all receive 30% of services in gratitude for their services to our local families, community and children. We also offer various promotions throughout the year by email notifications, social media posts and general advertising – so get connected with us!

How do I cancel my membership?
You can cancel your membership at any time by calling 651-363-3918, dropping us a visit at the studio or by emailing Monthly payments start immediately when you register for classes and all cancellations are required to finish out their last day of their billing cycle.



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